Safe food has a very simple definition: food that is not dangerous for human health and suitable for consumption is SAFE FOOD . To produce safe food is only possible if the food safety system is installed correctly. Chemicals we do not want to be present in the food. Which may have adverse health effects, but which, exist naturally in the structure of food or either contaminate from outside or occur in a stage of the production chain.
 Food safety involves all scientific and technical subjects related to food hygiene, food-borne diseases, food additives, contaminants, veterinary medicine and pesticide residues; as well as other subjects linked to the system such as food legislation, ensforcement and control systems, certification systems and international trade. As it is seen, food safety might be achieved if all the parts of the system fulfill their tasks in all production processes. Any flaw that occurs in any link of the production chain or at any point of the system will result in unsafe food for consumption.