False Facts

False : Homemade food is more nutritious and safe. Food produced using technology (processed food) creates a health risk. (Click for correct statement)
 In general, the starting point of the technologies of the foods produced in the factories has been the f home-made food. In addition to this similarity, the risks of raw materials and technologies used, if any, are traced, reduced and checked at every stage by trained people in food. For example: canned foods produced at home by conventional methods may contain hazards time to time, which cannot be underestimated. For this reason, products produced in factories are sometimes safer than home-made foods.
False : Stay away from pre-packaged food. It is risky. (Click for correct statement)
 Produced foodstuffs must be packaged and labelled to ensure safely reach to consumer and traceability. Pre-packaged food is under the food operator’s responsibility and it is under the official control. When there is a problem with products that are sold outdoors and believed to be village products, it is impossible to reach them by turning back. This false belief leads consumers to underground and uncontrolled products.
False : Food additives prohibited in the EU and in the USA are freely available in our country. (Click for correct statement)
 The food additives used in our country are in line with the rules of the European Union and the World Health Organization and the Agriculture Organization. It is forbidden to use in our country an additive that is prohibited in the world.
False : E 330 is the most harmful additive. Do not consume products containing this additive. (Click for correct statement)
 E 330 is citric acid, which we know as the lemon salt. It is found in many fruit varieties that taste sour. It does not have any negative effect on health. It is free to use. It is used in many products, particularly homemade pickles and table olives.
False : Margarine is not oil, but totally an artificial substance. That's why even flies do not land on margarine. We consume the food that even flies do not alight on. (Click for correct statement)
 Margarine is a kind of oil, which is produced as the transformation of vegetable and animal fats into solid form with certain technologies, and the support of colour and appearance with some components. Depending on the technology used, the amount of trans fat can be higher than other oils. It is important not to consume too much oil in our daily diet, and to give more weight to olive oil, especially among the vegetable oils we consume. For margarine, artificial substance imputation is a totally unfounded analogy.
False : The turbidity and sediment in the olive oil is indicative of deterioration or pureness (Click for correct statement)
 Olive oil is oil that is squeezed out of its fruit. Therefore, there may be sediment or turbidity or condensation in the refrigerator. But this is not a quality or a purity indicator. Olive oil is a product that has a lot of fake and adulteration. ONLY REGISTERED, BRANDED, AND LABELED PRODUCTS THAT PRODUCED BY REGISTERED ENTERPRISES MUST BE PURCHASED.
False : Honey which is crystalized during shelf life is fake. (Click for correct statement)
 Actual honey can crystallize. This is not a sign of distortion or artificiality. Crystallization should not be perceived as a sign of originality either. Honey is a product where adulteration is very intense. The way to detect a real honey is through inspection and analysis. ONLY REGISTERED, BRANDED, AND LABELED PRODUCTS THAT PRODUCED BY REGISTERED ENTERPRISES MUST BE PURCHASED.
False : Starch-based sugar is an artificial sugar. It is carcinogenic. (Click for correct statement)
 Glucose syrup or glucose syrup with high fructose also known as starch-based sugar, is a kind of sugar. It is not an artificially created product as you guess. All the housewives who add lemon juice in order to avoid crystallization in sugar syrup while they make dessert actually get a syrup mixture of fructose and glucose. All sugars are the same in terms of effect on our health. Obesity is among the most important health problems of our time and in the fight against obesity, consumption of all sugars should be reduced as far as possible.
False : Foods that taste, look, and smell normally do not carry any health risks. Therefore, organoleptic control of food products is important without consuming them (Click for correct statement)
 This statement is true in reverse order. If the food we eat is not proper in terms of taste, smell and appearance, we should not consume. However, we should know that foods, which have normal look, could also have significant risks. Risks that foods carry are generally not visible. To distinguish in this way can leave us with serious health problems.
False : The exported products that return are enter into the domestic market. We consume these products (Click for correct statement)
 Return products are officially controlled as imported products no matter what their return reason are. Valid and legitimate ones can enter the country again.

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