Official Controls 

  Food safety is very important for public health protection. For this reason, although responsibility of providing food safety is given to producers, determining food safety criteria and the rules to be complied with and observing and supervising if enterprises fulfill these responsibilities are public institutions tasks. These auditing activities are overall called as "official controls". Official controls include on-site supervision of all parties involved in the food chain, control of all records and stocks, the analysis of the samples in case of need, the re-analysis of the replicate samples in case of objection, the analysis of the imported goods at the customs gates and allow the entry of nationally proper products into the country, as well as making required checks for products which will be exported. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock is responsible for the official controls of the foods in our country. Official controls are carried out by the control officials or laboratory staffs who are assigned by the corresponding Ministry. These checks may be in the form of routine inspections, as well as on suspicion and complaint. For illegitimate products; punishments such as varies penalties, withdraw from the market, destruction and detention in case of necessity or denunciation to office of public chief prosecutor in case of threat to human health, have been imposed.

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