Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights Schleswig-Holstein

The Schleswig-Holstein Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights is an independent, publicly recognized registered association and was established in 1959. It is a member of the Federal German Consumer Organization. 41 consumer organizations throughout Germany belong to this roof organization. Its overall objective is to seek out the rights of consumers and to voice their demands across the private sector and civil society and to make necessary changes. Thus, besides the protective function, the aim is to strengthen the consumer. For example, it creates lobbying and campaigns for consumers in Germany and Europe and expresses collective complaints by law. In order to be able to provide visibility and spread the message to a wide audience, there is constant contact with the press and media in general terms. Professional trainings are given to Consumers from all age groups under different headings. In addition, consumers are provided with consulting services, information and support regarding the problems of consumption of daily life. In Schleswig-Holstein, it is possible to benefit from this service in five counseling centers. The inevitable base of consulting services is to supply constant quality and reliable information to consumers.

The new decisions that consumers have to make in the changing market and in their daily lives are increasingly confusing. The Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Protection Association is committed to ensuring that consumer demands and requirements are not abused in daily chaos. This is valid for both finance or energy sectors, and heath or food sectors. To achieve this, specialists work for different departments in different areas. For example, in the Nutrition and Food department, the main topics are food safety and quality, laws and labels, health and hygiene, advertising and marketing. These main issues are important in the construction of seminars, trainings, campaigns, information brochures, posters and presentations for daily work and consumers. In addition, these issues are considered important to the different masses in the past and present projects. These include, for example, teachers, students and parents of all ages in schools, sportsmen in different organizations, cooks, educators in kindergartens, health professionals, and elderly people.

As of 1959, daily consultation and countless projects have a high degree of knowledge. Even if the projects are carried out in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, a majority of them are conducted at federal level. Apart from this, there are projects running only in the state of Schleswig-Holstein with the cooperation of the Consumer Rights Protection Association and other partners. One example of this is the German Consumer Protection Foundation. The establishment was carried out by the Federal German Consumer Organization and its partners. For example, this foundation provides financial support for projects whose purpose is to conduct consumer education in different areas. Ensuring and expanding the education of the entire consumers in Germany, ensuring long-term enforcement and continuity are among the major objectives.

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